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Media Diet for February 2019


Amberlough — Lara Elena Donnelly **

In some ways this reminded me of the show Babylon Berlin—it feels like an alternate reality 20s Germany, replete with spies, dancers, pasties, and patsies. I think it’s building up to a longer series, and so much of the plot slowly churned towards an ellipsis of an ending. I liked it, but I’m not rushing to read the next one. None of the characters necessarily captured my interest, but it was nice that the protagonists were largely gay. This book answers the question, what if folks wrote new stories with their own characters instead of fanfic.

Reclaiming Your Life from IBS — Melissa Hunt

My doctor recommended this, and it’s largely CBT 101 + some good notes on food and stress. I don’t know if it’ll be super useful, but we’ll see! I don’t even know if this is a problem I face, but the doctor said “probably”, so lol.



Mads Mikkelsen got his Takeshi Kitano take-no-prisoners action role. This movie was adapted from a comic, and it feels just like a comic, down to the choppy dialogue, fast-paced action, and dead-simple plot. It’s kinda fun, if you can get over the copious amounts of cartoonish murder.


Weird. I read this book probably 10 years ago, and enjoyed it. The movie is a lighter adaptation, as it’s trickier to capture internal dialogue on film. Mia Wasikowska is outstanding as usual. I also enjoyed the general 70s aesthetic, and the cool selection of lingerie. This film only clocks in at about an hour and twenty minutes, but manages to build and release tension a few times.


I don’t know why I slept on this film. I guess I like Paul Fieg movies? This is delightful fare from Melissa Mcarthy, and a solid supporting cast.

Notable TV

Russian Doll


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