Best Albums, Shows, and Movies of 2021
An entirely subjective list of my favorite media
Moving to Netlify
how I write lately
iPad Mini 2021 Review
a little purple wonder
How I’m using Focus on iOS
dnd and homescreens
(Updated) ~Moving back to Keychain~
moving off 1Pass
Colemak Keyboard
learing a new way to type
first downloads for a Mac
apps I use lately
not posting through it
back to normal
a few thoughts post-vaccine
on email
how i email
indoor training
riding out of the rain
Going Clipless
new bike gear
New Year, new shows
some tv I’ve enjoyed lately
A few weeks with Apple Fitness +
yoga with Tim Apple
reviewing a bizarre year
Favorite Albums of 2020
rad albums released this year
Apple season
the fast one
One Month as a Manager
managing people is tricky
Fennel and carrot soup
a soup for the fall
2020 Homescreen
A new keyboard
Becoming a plant lady
Mapo Tofu Recipe
Hugo and iA Writer
2020 Backpacking gear
A GR III review
Sunday photo walk
WWDC Thoughts
thoughts on the big announcements
Stoked on Survivor
how I got deep into Suvivor
Adventures in baking
learning how to bake
Blog Redesign
on redesigning this site
iPad Magic Keyboard Review
testing the new Magic Keyboard
Home with the boy
back from Japan
Pandemic travel: 5
flying back
Pandemic travel: 4
a trip back to Asakusa
Pandemic Travel: 3
a few days in Onomichi
Pandemic travel: 2
a strange trip to Osaka
Pandemic travel: 1
part one of a trip to Japan
Space: it’s the place to be
3 2 1 blastoff
Micropost 2
Micropost 1
lurking book
Using RSS to read-only Twitter
An experiment in leaving a social network
Rewatching Halt & Catch Fire
an amazing show for the second time
My Favorite Movies of 2019
movies I loved this year
One year of newsletter
weekly links were pretty fun
My Favorite Books of 2019
books I loved this year
Bellroy Studio Pack Review
a review of a great backpack
2019 iOS Homescreen
2019 iOS Homescreen Update
Favorite Albums of 2019
closing out the decade
DevRel Tour Packing List
what I brought for 3 weeks abroad in Japan
A letter
writing a cathartic letter to myself
XOXO 2019
my 4th time at xoxo
Masterworks review
a wild collection by Simon Jacobs
Wardrobe refresh
things to wear
A Weekly Link Newsletter
a few links and thoughts in your inbox
even more reasons to love my iPad
On the perfect thing
why do we search for the best stuff?
On notes and todos
how i do notes and todos
Formula 1
why I love watching formula 1
Minimal travel clothing
what I wear abroad
Travel kit update
2019 travel kit
Slower reading
a balm of smtp & rss
Learning kanji again
one character at a time
Favorite TV shows of 2018
lots of shows around the world
Favorite movies of 2018
76 movies, and a few winners
2018 in Review
a long year full of change
My favorite albums of the year
my 2018 albums of the year
2018 iPhone Homescreen
the apps I use on my iPhone
Moving to the bay
from portland to oakland
2018 iPad Pro Review
the best iPad I've ever used
A Review of Invasions
A fantastic new collection of trans speculative fiction
DSPTCH Waist Bag Review
review of a rad small bag for day trips
media diet
Post XOXO thoughts
wow, that was a lot.
3rd XOXO & 1 Year Later
Thinking about XOXO this weekend & healing
Smoke gets in your eyes
don't burn down the whole ding dang forest
why I started to lift heavy things
August shows
hop along & deafheaven shows
Invisible One review
review of a new backpack for euro travel
A review of the Merry Spinster
a review of the debut short-story collection by Danny Ortberg
A Markdown Book Blog
why i made a static book blog
Sister spit
writing on lesbian history
No cis men
a poem on queer parties
Pack light and still enjoy the trip
Why I choose to travel with a 16L bag everywhere I go.
My year-end review of 2015
reviewing a slightly ok year
what I love about NYC
Thoughts on GHC
a review of my only grace hopper
LWT NYC Summit
speaking at the LWT NYC summit
XOXO 2015
my first xoxo
On being alone
post-divorce thoughts
The Allure of the minimal
writing on minimalism