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links week six

Shochu, CSS, and “enough”

This week marked the inaugural Figma conference, which I was able to attend through my employer. It was neat to be surrounded by designers from all over the world, and think about how to solve bigger problems than just “how to make people click”.

I also got to meet up with Craig Mod of hiking, ebook, and Leica writing renound—he’s a delight. At a certain point in life I realized most of the people I dig know each other, so it wasn’t a surprise he knew the Andys and Patrick. We got to talk about the realities of living in Japan as a white American, as well as creating our own families outside of the heteronormative frame.

Overall, it was a nice week. How was yours? Reply if you feel like sharing.

And now, the links:

Whether or not you’re celebrating the annual chocolate and mistake-a-thon that Valentine’s Day is, I hope you treat yourself to something nice to drink or eat. See you next week space cowgirls~