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links week nine

This weekend is a bit sad, as it would have marked my countdown to a two week vacation in Japan, but due to coronavirus I had to cancel the trip. Perhaps I’ll do something else, but right now I’m just worried for my friends and coworkers abroad and at home. Keep your hands washed, your spirits up, and your days full of love.

I did plan a second trip this year in November for the amazing Focus retreat put on by Craig Mod. If you’re reading this, you might enjoy it, so I recommend applying.

Snorri is currently sitting on my shoulder, and I’m taking his plaintive cries as a, “get to the links!” so I will:

If an idea is any good, chances are you shouldn’t just be tweeting it, but rather giving it a more solid, fleshed out form as a blog post or essay or zine or whatever. This is out of respect for the idea itself. What I find most dangerous about Twitter is that it can generate similar chemical feelings to having done “the work,” when in fact, you haven’t done the work. You’ve just micro-plastic’d idea potential.

Hopefully this deluge of links gives you something nice to read and explore as you take time for yourself this week. The times may be scary, but there are so many neat people and things around too, and I am personally trying to stay focused on that. See you next week, space cowgirls~