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links week ten

This email comes to you from a rainy port city, where I am spending time on strategy and vision for the Women’s Foundation of Oregon. Spending the weekend with a room full of amazing women from all over the state comprising our board was incredible. My heart is full, and I’m hopeful for the work we can accomplish in the coming years.

Next week I’ll be in yet another city on the other side of the globe, and despite the prevalent fear of disease right now, I’m excited to be on the road again, testing my travel packing and gear.

Whether you’re also traveling, or spending some time working from home this week, here are some links to keep you curious:

Today I saw cherry blossoms all over the city, and it got me excited for the new season! Japan traditionally has 24 seasons, and we just entered 啓蟄 which is when all the little critters crawl out to celebrate and move about. Personally, I’m very excited to be one of the animals exploring the world during this season, dutifully avoiding crowds. As I saw someone say online last week: “Avoiding crowds? I’ve been preparing for this my entire life.” Jokes aside, I hope you and yours stay safe and happy during what is a scary time. And as always, see you next week, space cowgirls~