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links week eleven

Welcome to a new world without toilet paper. Seriously, it’s fucking depressing seeing pictures of grocery stores post-hoarding. I hope everyone reading this cares for your fellow humans more than building a fort out of sanitizer and toilet paper.

Here’s a cat to help you feel better:


Sorry for starting on a bummer note, but it’s kinda wild out there, eh? I hope you’re taking care of yourself, washing your hands for 20 seconds, using lotion to protect your skin, and breathing deeply. In this midst of the wild times, I bring you links and love from a train in Japan traveling 200 miles per hour. Everyone is wearing masks, and it’s gently raining outside of the window as we pass Mount Fuji.

Ok, here’s the links:

no good car ideas

That’s it from me today in 日本. I hope your Saturday is quiet and relaxing, and you’re able to have a great big belly laugh every day this week. Love yourself, and those around you, and as always—see you next week, space cowgirls~