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links week twelve

Hello from a 200mph Nozomi Shinaksen train on my way to Tokyo! This train still feels like the future, and it’s especially wild that people are riding it and no one seems particularly worried.

Onomichi—where I was for the past few days—was gorgeous! Truly in rare form. If you’d like to read about that and see some photos of my hiking and exploring, you know where to go.

I spent four hours on the phone today with Chase bank trying to move my flight forward a few days to try to ensure that I won’t be trapped outside of California. Were it not for Snorri, I might consider trying to just work and hide out in Japan during this pandemic, but for both him and my work, it’s probably good to head home. Knock on some wood for me, or send good travel vibes—whatever your method of magic may be.

You’re probably not here to read about my Japanese vacation travails though, so without further ado, here’s the links:



The train is about to pull into the station in Tokyo, and then I’ll hop onto the metro line to Asakusa. Drop me a line and tell me something you’ve loved this week. I’ll share some good things again next week if you’d like me to pass them along. And as always, wash your hands and see you next week, space cowgirls~