dill & fennel

links week thirteen

Ah, I’ve returned to the Americas. This week, Japan started quarantining as well, so I just missed the cutoff there and was largely able to enjoy wandering around like usual. I still tried to socially distance while I was in Tokyo and Osaka however, and I even blogged about it in five parts. Overall, it was a strange trip, but a fun one. I hope I get to travel back to Japan again in November after the quarantine ends.

I hope you’ve been enjoying your time at home, with your loved ones and pets, or if you’re still going in to work, thank you for helping take care of the rest of us. I went grocery shopping today, and everyone was thanking the employees for their service the whole time, which was nice to hear. I sincerely hope this whole thing leads us to believing in socialized medicine for everyone, because this most certainly won’t be the only medical crisis we face in the next 50 years. Hopefully if you’re reading this, you also agree.

my iPad at home

It’s scary out there, so I hope you’re staying safe and managed to find some toilet paper amidst the bizarre hoarding. It’s too bad more bathrooms here don’t have washlets. Maybe you’re watching Tiger King, hoping more films go straight to Netflix or Apple TV, or just collecting as many bells as you can to pay off that bastard Tom Nook—however you spend your week, keep washing your hands, and checking in with your loved ones. See you next week, space cowgirls~