dill & fennel

links week fifteen

Welcome to your weekly installment of “what’s Brook reading and clicking on now?” The quarantine here in the Bay Area is 4 weeks on, I think, and today I briefly saw a friend outside while dropping off groceries. It was nice. I hope you’ve had some distant human contact this month too. I’ve also been buying wine from Ordinaire, along with various tinned fishes, because this shit sucks, but wine and mackerel are delightful.

Also delightful?Detroiters—a show about a small Detroit advertising firm by Tim Robinson, also know forI Think You Should Leave. I’m savoring this show, but tonight I watched an absurd episode that was all about riding that hog.

I found out last week after a few somewhat failed photo links that my setup blocks “hot links”, something that one reader (hi Drew) commented on with:

“lol, wild that that’s enabled by default? Is hotlinking still an internet crime in 2020?

I hereby swear to avoid hot linking, unless it’s a lovely chorizo.

Ok, let’s get down to it: here’s the links!

I hope that’s given you a few weird places to play online for the next week. How’re you doing? Are you up to anything cool or fun?Drop me a lineand say hi if you feel like it. As always, stay healthy and happy—see you next week, space cowgirls~