dill & fennel

links week sixteen

This week marked my first sourdough loaves, which were delicious and a bit flat. It turns out having a scale is crucial, and hopefully next week I will get to address that lack. I also got a few of my hobby shipments in, which meant building a tiny Porsche and beginning a small robot. Being stuck indoors all day alone is a great excuse for rediscovering things I enjoyed when I was a weird shut-in kid. I feel super lucky most of my hobbies involve being alone indoors, save for driving, which I also enjoyed this weekend in an undisclosed touge road.

How’s your week? I hope you too have been finding hobbies to tide you over, and tv shows to binge. I’m back on my Terrace House habit again, mostly so I can co-watch with friends (hi Mehan and Soleil). It’s sad knowing the filming is paused due to the pandemic, but hopefully one day we’ll get new episodes.

In the meantime, all I can give you is a few links a week:

How’re you keeping busy? Drop me a line and let me know! This weekend I’ll make more tortillas, watch more Terrace House, and finish building my small robot.

Stay safe, get some sun, and see you next week space cowgirls~