dill & fennel

links week seventeen

This is the week of the Magic Keyboard which I’m using to write this email. If you’re curious, or considering picking one up, the linked review should help you decide. For something more exhaustive, perhaps check out this longer look:

In other news, my company has extended our work from home until at least September, which means I’m going to see so many more movies, and play so much Gran Turismo. I think Snorri will also be stoked to have a human pillow for longer.

I’ve been cooking a lot since getting back from Japan, and this week I made a lot of fresh tortillas, which it turns out are very, very easy to make. If you want them to even better, you’ll have to invest in lard.

Had enough tortillas? Here’s some dessert:




It’s almost May, can you believe it? This spring is flying by, despite being mostly confined to my apartment. On Saturday a bunch of dinguses at my apartment decided to have a party, with more than 10 people just laughing it up in the courtyard, and I just don’t get it. I know it sucks for a lot of folks to be alone right now, but for fuck’s sake, don’t have a party! Are you doing with this quarantine ok? Finding anything fun to do? Making great food? Angry about your careless neighbors? Drop me a line. Stay safe, and I’ll talk to you next week space cowgirls~