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links week eighteen

Happy May! We made it through an April that lasted conservatively one thousand years. I hope you’re well, and finding new ways of living and thriving as we settle in for Summer.

I’ve been cleaning, rearranging, and making lots of bread—I think I’ve finally sorted out my Sourdough woes.

One thing I can recommend for anyone looking to clean up a little are a bunch of little velcro strips to manage those cables. These little fellows are super versatile, reusable, and the package will probably last the rest of your life. What value!

If you haven’t installed a desk and a nice office chair yet, I can heartily recommend doing so. I was sitting at my dining room table until Friday, on a modern but unsupportive kitchen chair. Ow. Now I have a Herman Miller Sayl, and a cool little desk to keep my stuff away from the “food zone”.

As we go through this week, I hope you have as much energy as all these cool ladies:

Cool, right? Here’s some links:

The next few links are related to a mindset for quarantine and the pandemic. Don’t worry if you feel like skipping them. I found them supremely helpful, but your mileage may vary:

Finally, I blogged about this before, but there’s a whole troupe of bloggers doing a regular column over at Indoor Voices, but one of the coolest ones is Coffeecore:


Whether or not you like coffee, this story will get you out of the house and sipping iced lattes, cups of black drip, and other delights in your mind.


During this copious indoor time, I’ve enjoyed reading quite a few books, and a bunch of graphic novels, manga, and comics. Unfortunately, Marvel and a few other publishers decided to pause a number of series like Decorum and Injection.

If you need a few volumes to read during this pause, I recommend these three:

Die City Dorohedoro

Also, all the new X-Men Dawn of X/House of X stuff is great as well, but those series are stuck on issue 10 until Marvel sorts out their single distributor issue.

Are you reading anything great? Any old favorite manga or graphic novels I should check out? Let me know. I hope the coming week is full of small pleasures, and delights. See you next week, space cowgirls~