dill & fennel

Fennel & Dill 25

It’s a foggy, overcast Saturday as I write this newsletter. Yesterday, my company gave Juneteenth off as time to volunteer and remember, and I spent most of the day with the Women’s Foundation of Oregon discussing budgets and our COVID relief fund. As a Texan, I grew up hearing about Juneteenth, but still hadn’t fully understood Texas as “part of the south” until a few years ago, since Austin had firmly insulated itself from owning our history. Take some time to read about Juneteenth, and why its the real Independence Day for our country.

(Insert picture of Snorri)

My good friend Snorri stood on my shoulder for this part, so I figured I should add a photo of him saying hi. Do you have a pet? Send me a photo of your pet being cute. I’m heartened by how many friends have adopted pets during this quarantine, and it feels like almost every week there are new cats showing up in our cats channel at work. I’m still studying how Snorri handles being permanently shelter-in-place for tips on how to deal with COVID. Mostly, it seems like the key is naps and purring.

Let’s get to the links!

Well, the clouds have parted, and Saturday is looking sunny and nice. I think after I take today’s loaf out of the oven, I’ll go on a bike ride with a few friends at a distance and maybe pick up some beer. I hope your Sunday is lovely, and your week is fully of love, solidarity, and rest. Stay safe, and keep fighting, space cowgirls~