dill & fennel

Fennel & Dill 28

Another week, and another Formula One race in Austria. For the first time in the over 70 year history of this race series two races occurred at the same track. The first race included loads of suspension and tire issues due to curbs, and this weekend included with a veritable lake on the track. If you’ve never watched car racing, I recommend Netflix’s excellent behind-the-scenes series. Outside of high speed racing, my week was a bit of a let-down, as I found out I didn’t get a position at work I’d interviewed for on Wednesday. Chin up though, I have to think, as there will be more opportunities to come. Hopefully your week had some nice news instead!

Here’s a raccoon chaser for that wild article:

Thanks again for reading, and spending your summer indoors virtually with my internet history and curiosity. August is fast approaching, but the weather outside is still gorgeous here. I hope you’re able to spend a few hours in the sun this weekend, quietly appreciating the distance from other people, and maybe reading a good book. As always, stay safe and keep fighting, space cowgirls~