dill & fennel

D&F 29

Happy March 141st! Time continues to show up for me in the cycles of life—laundry, therapy, medicine, and plant watering. With news that most schools will open virtually in the fall, I get the sense that “summer” for kids will continue well into 2021, albeit without pool parties. It’s a weird, life-defining time. Snorri and I are weathering things well, and possibly even thriving. As my friend Lena said yesterday, “I’m an indoor cat”. I wish sunbeams, lights to chase, and regular feedings upon my fellow indoor cats.

With cases spiking, I hope you’re staying safe, wearing a mask, and keeping to yourself largely. I personally wish we could literally quarantine everyone for three weeks, because that seems like it would end the whole disease, but instead…

gestures broadly

Today in news, famous white lady author gets drunk, and tweets:

Drunk tweets are one of the best things about Twitter, tbh.

In closing

This week’s newsletter was hopefully a bit more ridiculous and upbeat than usual. I know I needed a laugh, and I hope you enjoyed one too. I’m thinking about a vacation from work in August perhaps, since I found out yesterday my writing retreat in Japan is cancelled. Have you done something nice that took you away from the daily grind? Let me know so I can steal your ideas, lol. As always, keep fighting, and I’ll see you next week space cowgirls~