dill & fennel

D&F 31

Another weekend is upon us! Blessed weekend! It’s August, can you believe it?! I read some old journal entries today from the before times and it’s funny to see how much my life and activities were the same as they are now. When this pandemic is wrapped-up, I know I’ll appreciate a quick visit to a wine bar much more, at least for a few weeks. This week also marked the end of my second month of 3x a week workout classes, which I think is making a difference in my energy and emotional health. Have you gotten some exercise recently? Even some stretches can be nice, trust me. Either way, let’s both take a deep inhale…

…and a big exhale.

There now, you’re ready for these links.

In closing

With the summer dwindling and a very cozy fall in our near future, I hope you’re taking care of yourself, and stockpiling wool blankets and candles. I’m pretty excited for a few books and shows that will launch in the coming months, not to mention the rest of the F1 season still to come. I’m not fully sure what it’ll feel like to keep going with this largely self-quarantined life until next year, but we’ll all learn together, one week at a time. Take care, and enjoy a lazy Sunday for me, space cowgirls~