dill & fennel

D&F 8-9-20

How’s your August going? Are you doing any hiking or swimming? Planning any solo adventures? I’m planning a backpacking trip in the near future that has me pretty stoked, especially because of all the gear I get to buy and try out. I’m a sucker for gear, obviously. I spent all of Saturday finishing the latest Tamsyn Muir book, Harrow the Ninth, and eating oysters with a couple pals at an outdoor distance (hi Christine and Anna).

I also almost forgot to write this week’s email, as I decided to redo the CSS for my website yet again and watch the movie Prometheus after waking from my book stupor. Luckily, I remembered right before bed, so apologies if this is a bit loopy.

In closing

I can’t believe summer is almost over! I think I talked about this last week too, but it’s wild to me that summer has largely happened indoors, with nary a lake or pool in my life. I’m pretty excited about the opportunity to go camping soonish though, because I’ve really missed being able to hike and camp since leaving Texas and my outdoor pals behind. Hopefully in the coming weeks I’ll have some exciting (but not too exciting) photos and stories to share from my new camera. As always, stay safe, keep fighting, and I’ll see you next week space cowgirls~