dill & fennel

D&F 8-17-20

Dill & Fennel 8-17-20

This weeks email was written an entire day early as I plan to head up a mountain and camp for a night. It’s going to be hot so I hope the mountain is a little cooler. This will be round one of camping during quarantine, and my first camping trip since 2017! I’ve finally found friends who are equally interested in camping and hit me up when they want to do so. It rules.

With a VP candidate announced, and the USPS falling apart, it’s beginning to look at lot like election season. Please vote (for Biden). I know, he’s not great, but he’s all we’ve got this time. Next time, let’s primary the awful old white men.

With that weather and politics update out of the way, let’s get to these links.

I love these eggs.

Shout out to friend of the ‘letter Drl who made me aware of this epic TikTok thread with this delight:

In closing

Stay cool out there friends! This year is far from over, and there’s a lot to get done, think about, and protect our neighbors and ourselves from. Thanks for sticking with me throughout this time, and I hope I can keep bringing you funny, weird, and thought-provoking links indefinitely. As always, stay safe and keep fighting, space cowgirls~