dill & fennel

D&F 8-30-20

Welcome to my delayed last newsletter of the month. I had some pals by yesterday to sit at a distance in my courtyard and when the last one went home, I fell right asleep. It’s such a nice thing to see friends right now, especially when you can share some wine and lots of laughs.

This week is a mix of weird and sad as usual. I’m working on some longer form posts for brookshelley.com in the coming week about backpacking and mechanical keyboards, so keep your eyes peeled for those too.

In closing

Sorry about the delay! I am writing this conclusion while I watch the Belgian Grand Prix, grateful that F1 has managed to race despite not having a bubble. This week was long, but next week I’m on vacation! I’m excited, even if I don’t get to do much outdoor adventuring due to the smoke that blankets so much of California right now. I hope you too get to take a vacation soon—you deserve it. For now though, stay safe, keep fighting and I’ll see you next week, space cowgirls~