dill & fennel

D&F 9-20-20

Finally, a brief respite in the smoke! I got to go on a nice long bike ride around the lake as soon as the air hit green. The rest of the week could’ve been spent outside, but I mostly just worked-out and play video games. Oh well.

The news of RBG’s death last night made me pretty sad, but also reminded me that a future that’s better than any past we’ve had depends on each and every one of us resisting and working towards it. It’s very helpful when folks dedicate their lives towards causes, but if everyone puts in like 10% effort we’d be in a better place, I think. So, VOTE. Donate. I’m on the host committee this year for the Trans Law Center’s gala, so it would be dope if you attended or threw in some cash.

Otherwise, I’m playing lots of Dark Souls (yes, the first one), and cooking, and trying to learn how to mop effectively. It turns out after 35 years of life, I might actually be someone who cleans regularly. I still miss being able to hire a housekeeper though.

Let’s get on with the links!

In closing

The best time to start meditating is yesterday, and the second best time is today, to paraphrase something half-remembered. If you can take some time to just breathe, it’s a neat, free way to feel just a little bit better. If you have a little bit more money and time, therapy is also excellent. We’ll be in this kinda shit for a while to come, it seems like, and I know I’ve benefited from support and these two practices.

Hopefully some of the links this week made you laugh a bit, because laughter is dope. I hope wherever you’re reading this from you’ve got a nice day ahead of you. Stay safe, keep fighting, and I’ll see you next week, space cowgirls~