dill & fennel

D&F 9-27-20

Everybody watch out, I own a laser now. Far from being a futuristic laser pistol, it’s a much more banal home hair removal laser. As a trans lady, the ‘ol hormones left me with some annoying dark facial hair that I’ve mostly blasted off, but in quarantine time I’ve been unable to finish my treatment. So, if you hear some yowls coming from emeryville, that’s just me.

This weekend is also a great breadmaking weekend here. I’ve really figured out my bread recipe after months, and this is looking awesome.

Finally, it’s also time for the Formula 1 race in Russia, which hopefully will lead to a more interesting championship fight. I’m still excited for Lewis to clinch more lifetime records, as he clearly deserves all of them. However, I’m also excited to see some up-and-coming racers really making a name for themselves. I hope in the near future though we see more women and people of color in racing generally.

Let’s get on with…

In conclusion

It seems like we’re going to deal with COVID for another year at best, which is pretty frustrating. I hope you’re registered to vote, and are involved in local politics as well. We need better leadership, an more representation from folks of color, women, queers, and younger people. It’s super obvious that a country run by rich white people in their 70s is just going to such, so I hope we can pushing for something better.

I definitely have had a hard time with so much of the news and the utter lack of justice for black folks murdered by police, especially Breonna Taylor. This can’t continue.

I am in this with you, and I care. Let’s keep fighting together as long as we can. Keep safe, keep resisting, and see you next week, space cowgirls~