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D&F 10-4-20

October is full of surprises and delights so far. I feel like so many of us have held our collective breath, waiting for folks who so flagrantly flaunt the recommendations of doctors and scientists to reap what they’ve sown. The reaping began on Thursday night.

After the low of the debate this week, which I ended-up watching after swearing I wouldn’t, Thursday was a breath of fresh air. The news is coming fast and very obscured by a fog of misinformation and lies, but I am reloading pretty constantly. I hope we figure out what the actual timeline of events was eventually.

But, you don’t read this newsletter for schadenfreude, right? Let’s get to those juicy, juicy links:

In closing

With a month that is so full of wild news, I hope you’re able to take some time to breath and go on a nice ride or walk to clear your head. You’re not alone in this, and Snorri and I are also hiding out, and staying hunkered-down until we have a vaccine. Stay safe, satay healthy, and keep fighting, space cowgirls~