dill & fennel

D&F 10-11-20

Let’s get SPOOKY!

We’re only a few days away from what could be a pretty exciting Apple event! If you’ve waited for a while to get a new phone, or really want something smaller,you might just be in luck. Whether the rumors amount to anything, Apple is definitely launching something on Tuesday. I’ll be tuning in.

More than the phone even, I’m excited to see if they actually ship a computer with their own silicon. It seems like the main feature will be performance, with a side of excellent battery life. I can’t wait.

Other than tech shit, this week was nice and chill. The smoke outside continues to plague my bike rides, and the plague is a constant worry, but those are almost background pain at this point.

I hope you’re taking it easy as well, and that you have a neighbor who gives you bonus fruits from their trees! Thanks Haley for the amazing passion fruit!

This week should be good, so let’s get to it:


In preparation forsliding candy down chutesinto the waiting baskets of masked trick-or-treaters, have you chosen a costume? I get this sensethis onewill be popular, even though Tiger King feels like it came out two-thousand years ago.

My friend Laura has away spookier newslettterthat she only runs during October but is a daily treat this month. I hope you read it too.

So fardeathwatch2020 hasn’t offered anybody any big winnings, but I know many stay hopeful. The fly this week reminded us that these men are actual pieces of shit.

If you feel up for getting involved a bit and supporting trans rights,this eventnext week should be good. My friend Haley took me to it last year and I had a great time.Let me knowif you want to join!

It’s a few weeks until the election, and I just voted. I hope you do too (this guide was helpful). Keep fighting, keep loving, and I’ll see you next week, space cowgirls~