dill & fennel

Dill & Fennel 10-18-20

Another week is in the can, midway through spooky season. I’m seeing some really wild Halloween decorations in my neighborhood, but am still waiting to see the glorious arrival of the Home Depot 12’ skeleton:

Her arrival will be heralded by the sounds of trumpets.

Are you decorating this year? Are you going to dress up? Are you planning to use a Halloween candy chute, or shoot children with jelly-filled paintballs? The spookiest thing to me is still asymptomatic super-spreaders. I don’t think that would make a very good horror film, but outside of Vampires vs. the Bronx and the Haunting of Bly Manor, I haven’t felt much desire to watch one of those. I am due for a rewatch of Over the Garden Wall though.


I have too many clams. This is a weird problem to have, but my most recent order from my fishmonger contained what seems like hundreds of the little shelled suckers, and despite enjoying clams, I have no way to share them. May we all be blessed with such issues of bounty.

I hope you’ve voted! We got our mail-in/drop-off ballots last week, and there are a lot of propositions in California. I found this guide very helpful, and you might as well if you’re still not sure what dots to fill in.

It’s almost November, and since this is a special small group, I’m happy to announce I’m starting my new gig as Ms. Manager at my company on the 2nd. The team I’ll manage is such a kind and smart crew that I’m super lucky to hang out with. I can’t wait! If you have tips on management, or just wanna show off your isolation Halloween costume, please say hi. Until next week, keep voting, keep fighting, and stay safe space cowgirls~