dill & fennel

Dill & Fennel 10-25-20

Happy Sunday! It’s Portugal GP time in the Formula one world, and potentially a record-breaking victory for Lewis Hamilton, beating the previous “most 1st place victories” record set by Schumacher last decade.

If that all seems like Greek to you, perhaps I can interest you in the funniest video I saw this week:

Ok, wipe the tears of joy/anger/surprise off your face, and let’s get to those sweet, sweet links.


This week was finally a bit chilly, which makes me deeply excited for the coming Winter. Just imagine, a brisk morning with a warm cup of coffee! Candles! Festive hats! Decorative gourds! Finnish rice porridge. Warm up those mulling spices, and let’s get excited.

Have you seen any fun, spooky films? What are your favorite fall traditions? Let me know <3

Also, you’ve voted, right? Against prop 22 and for Biden? Good. Thanks! We’ve got one more of these newsletters before a very tense week, and I want you to know I’m also fully clenched, waiting. We’ll get through this! Keep loving, and keep fighting, space cowgirls~