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D&F 11-8-20

As I write this, we’re fresh off the calling of the election for Joe Biden. I’m celebrating. I’m celebrating four years without a nightmare person in charge, and four years where the women, queer folks, and people of color who voted to change the direction of our democracy. In four years, I hope we get to vote for the future we want, instead of a tourniquet.

I hope you get to celebrate too.

Bless the resistance:

Let’s get to those links.


I am thinking a lot about leadership lately. What does it mean to be a good leader? A thoughtful one? A caring and supportive mentor? I’m a manager as of last week, and I aim to take it very seriously, while taking myself less so. If you have any tips, or books you’ve read (Lara Hogan and Camille Fourier are both on my shelf)let me know.

I’m also thinking about how I want my state and country to be led. I want the people who are most ill-served by our government to have their voices heard, and to see themselves in the electorate. More black leaders, queer leaders, indigenous leaders, and a smorgasbord of genders. The demographics of thecountry are changing, and the elected should figure that out. How do we elect another dozen socialist and environmentally-minded senators? How do we make sure that even in “progressive” cities that anti-worker legislation like Prop 22 doesn’t pass?

When our celebrations and hangovers are over, I know y’all will be all over that question.

For now, enjoy your weekend, congrats on the win, and let’s make sure 2021 looks better.