dill & fennel

D&F 11-15-20

Can you believe we’re halfway through November? Despite the sameness of many days during this mostly-constant quarantine, this year is somehow flying by. For a lot of my friends, this week was a big one for a tiny iPhone Mini, or a giant PS5. I got the big, big Sony machine in the mail on Friday, and immediately dove back into the updated No Man’s Sky; flying around procedurally generated planets in my purple spaceship never looked so good.

Our election is thankfully over in the states, and Biden won. Do you think we’ll get to see Tenet in our homes before the shit in charge gives in and admits it? Tenet comes out on December 15th supposedly, so place your bets.

Here’s some music for this clown car of a year:

Strap-in, today’s a little longer than usual!


Please don’t go to a large gathering for the holidays! Virus cases are on the rise, and I’d love to know that my readers are taking it easy and keeping themselves and their family safe! Thanksgiving is my birthday this year, but I plan to stay home, and at most drink outside with two or three people at a distance. It’s just not worth it to do more.

OK. PSA over.

Is there anything you’re really looking forward to during the colder months? What’s your favorite cozy item or way to make the most of these long, crisp, beautiful nights? Any scents or flavors you associate with fall and winter? Personally, I love glogg and risgryngot while it’s cold. Nothing like mulled wine and some rice pudding to really liven-up the season. Also don’t forget about hot pot and salted fishes. However you enjoy your fall, I look forward tohearing about it, and testing-out other folks’ hygge traditions.