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Backpacking gear

With flying out of the question, especially to other countries, I decided to do a bit of local adventuring. With the encouragement and planning of some Slack pals, I began to plan for a few days of backpacking, and more importantly, a few days of gear. Anyone who’s read my blog for a bit knows I’m a nerd about backpacks, technical clothing, and having the absolute minimum amount of stuff with me on trips. At home, I live pretty comfortably, but when I’m out of the house, I love the deep thrill of having exactly what I need.

The last camping trip I went on was during the eclipse 3 years ago in Dallas, Oregon. We drove there, and barely had to hike to put down our gear, so I brought a blow-up couch, a Nintendo switch, and medium-weight backpacking gear. I had an old REI sleeping bag that I’ve used for years, a Mountain Hardware Optic 2.5 tent, and a few jugs of water. All my gear, with 2 gallons of water hanging outside my pack as I was used to desert camping in Texas, weighed a bit over 25lbs, without food. This is pretty great for a car camping or one night camping situation, butI love going further and not having nearly as much on my back, plus I needed to bring food in my bag because I wouldn’t have a cooler with me on this upcoming trip.

Thus began my list:

Total weight: 3.37kg or 7.44lbs



sleep system

Weight: 2130.73



Weight: 904g


cooking system

Weight: 270g (Terra stoves 471g)


tech gear and other accessories

Weight: 588g (984.74g with a solar charger)

Assorted gear

There’s a straw with the ability to bite to get water, which makes this easy for drinking on the trail.

Weight: 154.7 (268.1g with pourigami)


on shoes

Camping report

I’ve only camped once with a lot of this gear, and eagerly wait for the end of fire season so I can do a bit more camping. Ultimately, it performed well but I’m excited to see how nice it is to hike with so little weight and set up shop in my little Nemo tent. If you want to chat about gear or ask questions about mine, feel free to hit me up.